Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

Fire protection systems maintenance is one of our core business sectors. Proper maintenance is a key component of any mechanical and electrical component and is one of the most important services that we offer. As we document every step of our installation process, it is always easier for us to trace the source of any problem should it ever arise. Each of our systems also comes with an independent maintenance contract that ensures our systems work safely and reliably throughout its lifetime.

Our Qatar Civil Defence Department (QCDD) certified engineers, technicians ensure all firefighting and fire alarm systems are tested & maintained in accordance with the relevant NFPA codes & standards. Test reports are prepared in accordance with QCDD requirements and ensure the fire systems are in normal working condition 24 x 7. This ensures Owners of the establishments that the fire protection of their properties are live in operation round the clock to protect the occupant’s life and property.

In addition, we are always available for troubleshooting questions and information in order to detect a system failure long before it becomes an issue. Regular maintenance coupled with simple answers from our team means that a system will never encounter a serious problem.

Our maintenance services capabilities

  1. Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) that includes  Annual Maintenance Contract ( AMC) and One Time Maintenance Contract (OTMC)  carried  as per  NFPA   Codes and standards and in compliance with QCDD  requirements
  2. Corrective Maintenance (CM)
  3. Fast and timely response to breakdowns (Emergency Calls)
  4. Inspection, monitoring and analysis of Fire Systems by performing differents tests:
    • Shaft alignment test
    • Performance Test of Fire Pump Set
    • Conductivity Test of foam system
    • Integrity Test For Clean Agent System
    • PUFF Test “ Kitchen Suppression Ballon Test”
    • Fire Alarm Systems : Sound Level Test
    • Exit & Emergency Light : Lux  Reading

We carry out Maintenance Services for all types of fire alarms and fire fighting systems including but not limited to the following:

    • Portable And Mobile Fire Extinguishers
    • Refilling Of All Types Of Fire Extinguishers
    • First Aid Fire Hose Reel Systems
    • Dry And Wet Riser Standpipe And Hose Systems
    • Fire Hydrant Systems
    • Sprinkler Systems
    • Deluge Medium and High Velocity Water Spray Systems
    • Pre-Action Sprinkler Systems
    • Foam Systems
    • Dry Chemical Powder Fire Extinguishing Systems
    • Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems
    • Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems
    • Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems (FM-200, Inert Gases, Etc.)
    • Refilling Of Clean Agents (FM-200 & Inert Gases)
    • Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
    • Emergency And Exit Lighting Systems
    • Emergency Voice Evacuation & Public Address Systems
    • Fire Telephone System
    • Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation And Smoke Management Systems
    • Passive Fire Protection (Fire Doors, Windows, Barriers, Cable Coating, Fire Sealants, Fire Resistance Painting/Coating, Etc.)
    • Building Management Systems (BMS)

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